Video – IRIS.TV CRO talks International Syndication and Monetization at Streaming Media West

According to Adobe’s Digital Benchmark Report, in Q2 2014, US viewers watched 38.2 billion videos, a 43% increase year-on-year. Online TV viewing has increase 388% and monthly unique views for online TV are up by 146% in 2014. With such an endless supply of content to choose from, it begs the question of how media companies, content owners, video producers can properly and efficiently distribute and monetize their video. It also makes you wonder how they can they target the right consumers, and how publishers can successfully sell advertising for high CPMs? These questions and more where explored and answered during the November 18th Monetizing Snackable Content panel at the Streaming Media West Conference. read more

IRIS.TV Talks Future of Personalization @ LA Machine Learning Group

How much personalization is necessary before we see diminishing returns in engagement and retention? What is the optimal mix of online and offline operations? How should technology operations be managed? These questions and more were explored on September 15, 2014 by two experts from IRIS.TV before a packed audience of data scientists, media executives, entrepreneurs, and press at LA Machine Learning Group’s event at Cross Campus in Santa Monica, CA. read more

IRIS.TV CEO Field Garthwaite talks to Beet.TV at CES 2014

Beet.TV's Daisy Whitney talks to IRIS.TV CEO & Co-Founder Field Garthwaite at CES 2014. Video recommendation engine IRIS.TV is betting its tools can generate a 50% increase in video views for publishers, says Field Garthwaite, Founder and CEO of IRIS.TV during an interview with Beet.TV at the Consumer Electronics Show. IRIS.TV’s technology recommends additional short-form ad-supported content for users, Garthwaite explains. read more