Forbes: Why Online Video Is The New TV And CMOs Should View It That Way

The media industry is facing its largest sea change since the advent of television. New players have entered the content market, cable is unbundling, advertisers are flocking to digital buys and everyone is scrambling to attract online viewers and keep them engaged. It’s a new, still evolving ecosystem, and if marketers and publishers want to succeed, they need to be ahead of the curve on how they think about, develop and improve their online video offerings.

Aereo Could Have Worked

The companies most impacted by Aereo's attempt to create a new subscription service were the major Network TV providers—CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX— and other local TV stations. Those companies, which are available to anyone with an antenna, are reliant upon advertising revenue and measuring the size of their audience. When a company like Aereo moves in, charges $9 a month for access to a remote antenna (as opposed to the free signal on your TV which Nielsen and other ratings companies have developed methodologies to measure total viewership) and then doesn't report ratings or consumption patterns back to the networks, it is highly disruptive to their business model.