Commentary: Loyal Viewers Vs. The Hordes Of ‘Uniques’

by | Aug 16, 2016 | Press, Video Programming Insights

IRIS.TV CEO Field Garthwaite writes for MediaPost OnlineVideo Daily

“Publishers run more banner ads, text and click through display ads but none of these non-video ads help build audience and keep people engaged with your brand. In fact, they can drive users off the publisher’s Web page without a promise that more will click back in.

Instead of paying attention to indicators around building audience, metrics tied to “uniques” can lead to an erosion of user loyalty since they have no incentive to build a habit around visiting a specific publisher’s Website or app.  In place of that they will use a feed, social channel or social media app for a better user experience…”

Read Field’s full piece at MediaPost’s OnlineVideo Daily here



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