IRIS Insights: Dynamically Updating Previews Increase Pre-Roll Completion Rates

by | Dec 17, 2015 | Video Programming Insights

According to data reported from IRIS.TV Adaptive Stream™, video players utilizing dynamically updating UpNext preview screens and playlists have observed an additional 15% increase in video views per viewing session. Publishers that have integrated Adaptive Stream™ already observe an average lift of 54% in monthly video views.

Many publishers insert a pre-roll ad before each video in the stream and manually curate playlists. According to this new data, the significant increase in performance is a direct result of dynamically updating these playlists to the tastes, preferences, and behavior of the individual viewer, in real-time. This is further evidence that one-to-one curation via machine learning not only outperforms manual play listing in scale but also in real monetary value. To the engaged viewer, pre-rolls ads become the much more acceptable mid-rolls.

Moral of the Story: You can make video more profitable by making the user experience more enjoyable.
Click Here to see how The Hollywood Reporter uses dynamic IRIS.TV UpNext with the Brightcove Player.


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