IRIS.TV COO Returns To Alma Mater Two Years Later As Honored Entrepreneur

by | May 5, 2014 | News

After graduating from Bucknell University in 2012, Richie Hyden was recently asked to come back to his alma mater to speak about his entrepreneurial success.

As the co-founder and COO of IRIS.TV, a video recommendation engine and big data solutions company, Hyden has experienced a large amount of success in a short amount of time. IRIS.TV has acquired big-name clients that include: Tribune Company, Woven Digital and OVGuide and has put together an impressive (to say the least!) advisory board of high-level executives. But these triumphs didn’t come without hard times; something Hyden made very clear during his April 12th The ICE Talks—Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship speech at Bucknell University.

Hyden’s speech titled “The Challenge” focused on the obstacles entrepreneurs face while trying to reach their goal. Hyden began by exploring how entrepreneurs can use history to further innovation, just as IRIS.TV did when developing a basic idea for the company. Analyzing lessons learned and studying patterns of industries will help entrepreneurs in their quest for a viable product. By looking at the past, Hyden and the founding team noticed that the typical consumer experience that existed in television didn’t migrate into the digital world. It was no longer a lean-back experience. That was the void IRIS.TV set out to fill. And fill it they did.

The speech also touched on a very important question every entrepreneur must eventually ask themselves: “Do I take the path of least resistance or do I accept the challenge?” Hyden encouraged all entrepreneurs to accept the challenge and step out of their comfort zone into the unknown. The “challenge” Hyden references is two part—personally and literally. The personal challenge is the courage to go against the norm of what society tells you to do. The literal challenge is the choice to accept the task at hand instead of taking that path of least resistance. Hyden highlighted his own experience that came with starting IRIS.TV. The video technology expert remembered landing their first clients, Panasonic and BlackLight Films, back when the company was really just taking off.

Being able to share the IRIS.TV story with his alma mater two years after graduating says volumes about IRIS.TV’s success. It highlights the leadership and determination Hyden and the Founding Team have displayed in the quest for a promising IRIS.TV future. While Hyden and his team have experienced plenty of setbacks along the way, in the end it’s the triumph and success that shines the brightest.


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