IRIS.TV COO writes about “Recreating the TV Experience on the Internet” for iMediaConnection

by | May 29, 2014 | News

By Richie Hyden

“Before there was television, adults and children would sit around their radios waiting for their favorite program to come on. There they would listen to the 30 minute or hour-long program until it ended and a new one began. When household television became big in the 1940’s, the same rules applied. Individually or as a family, people would tune in to a program and after it was over another program immediately began. The next major media technology to hit the market was the computer and the internet. But instead of the traditional media format of radio and television, the internet took on a new format driven by clicks and self-navigation…”

To read more, Check out our COO Richie Hyden’s Full Article at iMediaConnection


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