IRIS.TV CRO tells B&C: “Please Shut up About Cord Cutting”

by | May 7, 2015 | News, Video Programming Insights

MBPT Spotlight: Please Shut Up About Millenials Cord Cutting

by Robert Bardunias, Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Founder, IRIS.TV

We sure do love our buzzwords; they have their time and place, and can be effective when used properly. But when it comes to digital video and the usage of “cord cutting,” I just want to bloody scream! Not a frustrated, just-missed-the-last-train scream; I’m referring to a blood-curdling psycho scream. Yes, we love our buzzwords, but when we use them without considering the economic inference to industry, we’re left looking quite dumb.

To begin, let’s set the foundation that when people discuss “cord cutting,” they are mainly referring to Millennials. The overarching view — for those living under a rock without WiFi — is that this swath of consumers (18-34-year-olds) are changing the video consumption paradigm in such a way that, economically speaking, supply needs to dramatically change delivery methodologies to meet demand. The basis of this view is driven by consumption data…

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