IRIS.TV CRO writes about “The Wild Wild West of Brand Safety” for Huffington Post

by | Oct 22, 2014 | Press, Video Programming Insights

“When the Internet stomped down its size 22 shoe and declared itself the new king of content back in the 1990s, it did more than expand information and connect the unconnected. The Internet took the comfy cozy world of advertising and shook it to its core.

Before the World Wide Web convinced everyone that it was more than “a fad,” advertisers relied heavily on television and print placements, where they knew exactly where their advertisements would appear at any given moment. With magazines, ads are placed based off an editorial calendar set forth by the publisher, usually months in advance. Television advertisements are based off time slots sold by networks. Both mediums have a clear line of communication between advertisers and publishers/producers, providing actual full transparency for ad placement. In these mediums, minimum brand safety issues exist. If there is ever a worry or objection, the process of ad placement can be shifted or stopped before the ad runs.

But the 1990s gave us more than just Vanilla Ice and Drakkar Noir–it gave us the Internet and simultaneously threw everything advertisers knew, out the window…”

Read IRIS.TV CRO Robert Bardunias‘s full article at The Huffington Post



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