IRIS.TV’s CEO talks Online Video Consumption at Digital Hollywood

by | May 5, 2015 | Events, News, Video Programming Insights

IRIS.TV CEO and Co-Founder Field Garthwaite spoke at Digital Hollywood on Thursday, April 30, participating in the panel Video Innovation! Social Video, Personalized Video, Real-Time Video – Communication and Commerce. The conference, held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Marina del Ray, California, covered a variety of topics in the realm of the social online video.

One particular portion of the discussion focused on how newly available metadata is changing the way publishers utilize online assets. Said Field, “We are in a new era where there’s a lot more information available and where you can actually use that data. A lot of what IRIS.TV does is use that data in realtime to personalize streams for viewers. It’s always mind boggling how much information is present but is not being used.”

“Typically across all devices people have different ways of measuring, say, your OTT apps versus your iOS, your Android apps versus mobile. So often people have no idea what content performs well. It’s really interesting that many publishers don’t know what content actually drives the most views, completion rates, and follow-on views. This is how you generate most of your revenue and create a channel where you essentially have an experience that attracts loyalty. Publishers build their brand with high quality content; we focus on synthesizing all that data in ways that enable those publishers to track it and make better decisions in the future.”

Field went on to explain how television is changing the way in which online video is being consumed, essentially by recognizing that they are being treated as one in the same by the consumer and that publishers need to follow suit.

“Something that television has done really successfully is they’ve conditioned the audience to expect an experience that is continuous and engages you. And they’ll bait you with content to keep you watching after the ad break, which online video doesn’t do at all. We need to break through this notion that video exists on the web as a web page if we want to see better marketing and better advertising that is less intrusive.”

The discussion was moderated by Bill Newell of North South Studios and included the following panelists:

Field Garthwaite, CEO, IRIS.TV
Bee Ottinger, CEO, SnapCuts
Collin Lee, Vice President of Marketing, Influxis
Nathan McGowan, Senior Director, Product, The Hollywood Reporter & Billboard
Angie Behm
, Director of Digital Strategy, Ant Farm


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