IRIS.TV’s CEO talks Personalization and Programmatic TV at Digital Hollywood

by | Nov 3, 2014 | Events, News

On Thursday, October 23rd, IRIS.TV CEO Field Garthwaite appeared at the Digital Hollywood Summit in Marina del Rey, California. Speaking on a panel with fellow high-level executives, Field opined on some of hottest topics facing the entertainment industry.

Each speaker brought their own unique perspective to the panel: Video Innovation! Social Video, Personalized Video, Real-Time Video—Communication and Commerce.

One particularly interesting segment of the panel involved the challenges of digital distribution and audience relationship management in an expanding universe of content. Field outlined how IRIS.TV helps companies overcome these challenges by enabling them to increase engagement on their owned & operated destinations so they can control their brand experience and build one-to-one relationships with viewers. To illustrate his point, Field used the example of YouTube.

“YouTube helps build audience, but as a content owner, you can’t control the environment and end-slate. You can’t control what follows your content. You don’t necessarily own your audience. What you’re doing is you’re giving your audience to Google. As a media company, you need to be sophisticated enough to not only get users to your owned & operated properties, but also retain them, regardless of how big or small you are.”

The panel discussed the impact of disruption in the industry and how incumbents and new entrants are adapting through personalization and innovation in windowing.

“Something that is trending in the MSO market is same-day VOD. Everyone wants to see this happen because you can insert commercials and the upfront ad spend counts for that viewership,” added Field. “If VOD starts to take over DVR, you can, for example, watch an episode of Mad Men, then roll into Halt and Catch Fire. You can actually create programmatic television that is just like TV but VOD. If you have niche interests, you can introduce content like a surf video or other kinds of niche content that mixes the big and the little models and keeps viewers engaged in a way that is more personalized.”

“This essentially turns binge viewing on its head because you are not just watching one environment in one universe but snacking on stuff that is most relevant to your interests and for longer periods of time,” added panelist Alex LeMay, CEO and founder New Velocity Media.

Field went on to explain that despite disruption, “we have to remember that many of these businesses have actually done a better job of preserving their business models, unlike the music industry.” The example of Disney buying Maker Studios was discussed and its value as a marketing platform for Marvel, Pixar, Disney and every other brand looking to grow viewership and maximize downstream revenue.

This lively discussion, moderated by Bill Newell of North South Studios, included the following panelist members:

Field Garthwaite, CEO, IRIS.TV;

Bee Ottinger, CEO, SnapCuts;

Philip Nelson, Chief Relationship Officer, NewTek, Inc;

Alex LeMay, CEO, founder and executive producer, New Velocity Media;

Josh Kreitzman, VP Programming and Publishing, JukinMedia

Collin Lee, Vice President of Marketing, Influxis


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