IRIS.TV’s Chief Data Scientist writes about Managing Video Technology Stack Costs for Streaming Media

by | Apr 20, 2015 | News, Video Programming Insights

Managing Video Technology Stack Costs: Is Your Data Really “Big”?
If you’ve got lots of video, you’ve got lots of data, and the best way to maximize the value of that data is with a “strategy first” approach

by Dr. Thomas Sullivan, Chief Data Scientist, IRIS.TV

The explosive growth in demand for electronic media—particularly the increasing preference for cord-cutting alternatives for accessing video assets—suggests a need for those in the entertainment industry to look toward innovative solutions outside of the industry to manage their growing data management needs. Data capture, storage, and analytic support will continue to challenge video providers due to the growing size of the metadata-rich libraries of electronic media assets, the volume of historical data surrounding the diverse population of users who consume those assets, and the trends toward delivering personalized content…

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