IRIS.TV’s Moving Art for Panasonic App & More

by | Mar 12, 2013 | Video Programming Insights

Release of Moving Art for Panasonic

March 5th, 2013 marked the release of Moving Art for Panasonic VieraCast televisions. Developed by IRIS.TV, the Moving Art app features a collection of HD nature footage from award-winning cinematographer Louis Schwartzberg. The app, which was featured at CES 2013 as part of Panasonic’s Smart VIERA booth, uses the IRIS.TV recommendation engine to deliver personalized channels that change as the viewer interacts and watches more content.

For a sneak peak of Moving Art, watch our video from CES 2013.

Silicon Valley Bank and Turner Broadcasting Pitch Placement

Earlier this month, IRIS.TV placed as a finalist at the Silicon Valley Bank and Turner Broadcasting pitch event. Thank you to both SVB and Turner for their recognition and insight. We can’t wait to see what products and developments come from Turner in the coming months.

By Zac Stockton, Product Manager


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