Press: Why Publishers Need To Bring A Data Driven Approach To Video To Drive Ad Revenue

by | Dec 27, 2015 | News, Press

BaseStreamingMEdiaBlogDec2015.pngIRIS.TV was featured in article by Dan Rayburn about the need for publishers to
utilize a data drive programming to drive real revenue in video.

Here are a few excerpts:

“Today, viewers are presented with multiple entry points to content and have the upper-hand in the buyer-supplier relationship. TV was a destination, video is a journey. The challenge for publishers is to engage viewers in such a way that they look forward to the trip. Data has shown that positive user-experiences build consumption habits and fuel organic growth in viewership. So any opportunity content owner’s have to pass on incremental value to an engaged viewer should be taken, yet many publishers are still missing the opportunity.

The business of video, like TV, has for the most part been about servicing advertisers by providing them audiences at scale to watch their commercials. As publishers and content owners are finding less utility in traditional video value metrics, it may be time to look to familiar techniques utilized by one-to-one marketers. The foundation of CRM is to “sell more to fewer customers.” This sounds counterintuitive, but the greatest sensitivity to customer lifetime value is retention i.e. churn. A small change in retention has large impacts on profits and losses. There is higher return if you can sell/upsell/cross sell to an existing customer than acquiring a new customer and selling to them…

….I asked IRIS.TV for some data from their system and the company said that for content publishers that use their plugin, consumption of video sees an average increase of 54% or more. Engagement views per session see a 62% increase. And when it comes to retention, the average bounce rate is reduced by 14%. Other interesting data they shared is the breakdown of consumption on mobile with Android leading the market with 53% versus iOS with 45%. On non-mobile, Windows leads with 63% share with OS X having 19% share.”

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Dan Rayburn is EVP, and Principal AnalysDan Rayburn StreamingMedia.comt, Frost & Sullivan

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