Video – IRIS.TV CRO talks International Syndication and Monetization at Streaming Media West

by | Dec 3, 2014 | Events, Video, Video Programming Insights

According to Adobe’s Digital Benchmark Report, in Q2 2014, US viewers watched 38.2 billion videos, a 43% increase year-on-year. Online TV viewing has increase 388% and monthly unique views for online TV are up by 146% in 2014.

With such an endless supply of content to choose from, it begs the question of how media companies, content owners, video producers can properly and efficiently distribute and monetize their video. It also makes you wonder how they can they target the right consumers, and how publishers can successfully sell advertising for high CPMs? These questions and more where explored and answered during the November 18th Monetizing Snackable Content panel at the Streaming Media West Conference.

IRIS.TV’s Co-Founder and CRO, Robert Bardunias, appeared on the panel, contributing unique insights on a range of topics. One of the more interesting topics of the panel involved syndication and monetization of video content internationally. Rob discussed his and IRIS.TV’s thoughts on the topic, which included building strong international relationships.

“Internationally, the CPMs are lower. But when you have the ability to syndicate content from a provider…you’re able to bring in the right kind of content and piece together an experience for the user internationally,” tells Rob. “By utilizing some of your O&O content—where the CPMs are higher—then starting to create relationships utilizing syndication partnerships, this leads to monetization.”

Yet for Rob and IRIS.TV, monetization always comes back to the data. “If you have the right metadata on a clip, the right user information/data, and the right partner to help, you’re going to be able to monetize.”

Check out Rob’s latest column in the Huffington Post on Ad Fraud

You can follow Rob on Twitter @bardunias

This lively discussion, moderated by Bo Kelleher, Director of Solution Engineering, Kaltura, included the following panelist members:

Jim Spencer, Founder, President – Newsy

Raymond Attipa, CEO – Shandy Media

Tyler Peterson, COO – NewsBeat Social

Robert Bardunias, Co-Founder, CRO – IRIS.TV


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