VIDEO: IRIS.TV featured in Brightcove PLAY 2015 Conference Keynote

by | May 20, 2015 | Events, Video, Video Programming Insights

IRIS.TV was featured prominently at the Brightcove PLAY 2015 conference in Boston this month. During the conference’s opening keynote speech, Brightcove’s SVP & General Manager of Media Anil Jain talked about IRIS.TV’s role in the media landscape and demonstrated how the company can help publishers and brands enhance their user experience and engagement.

Jain discussed the importance of reaching an audience by engaging consumers with content, saying, “Just getting the content to target viewers is insufficient. It’s the overall video experience that matters. Therefore, the focus on engagement is important. We’re talking about the capabilities that draw the consumer, the viewer, deeper into the content and more tightly affiliated with your brand, increasing the actual amount of content they watch, increasing the frequency of consumption, and all those things driving greater loyalty, affinity, monetization, sharing, and the like.”

Jain then went into a full explanation of how IRIS.TV helps companies drive better engagement using IRIS.TV’s UpNext feature in the new Brightcove player.

“Once we’ve actually added the IRIS.TV functionality [to the the player], the algorithm determines what recommended content should be presented to the user as the next content… That has allowed the user to actually give feedback to the system, which then enhances the information that the IRIS.TV technology has to drive greater relevance. The algorithm can also weight relationships between user profiles, asset metadata, and publisher business rules so you get the opportunity to optimize greater recommendations. We’ve seen some great results with our customers using this technology.”

You can view the entire Brightcove PLAY 2015 Keynote here.

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