Woven Digital Selects IRIS.TV to Help Launch Programmatic Content Solution

by | Jun 17, 2014 | News

NEW YORK, New York (6/17/2014) –

Woven Digital and IRIS.TV today announced a partnership to implement IRIS.TV’s dynamic video recommendation technology across Woven’s popular male focused online news, entertainment and lifestyle destinations.

There are few demographics more challenging for advertisers and content providers to reach than males between the ages of 18-25, especially when it comes to keeping their attention, being relevant and doing it all in one place. Because of that, recommendation engine and big data solutions company IRIS.TV and Woven have partnered to provide a more effective way to engage this hard-to-reach, yet highly-coveted demographic.

Woven is the 4th largest entertainment property for young men age 18-34 according to comScore. Young men only spend more time on YouTube, Pandora and Hulu than they do with Woven each month. By working with IRIS.TV, Woven offers consumers the most relevant, personalized video content, while also increasing viewership and monetization across Woven’s more than a dozen owned & operated destinations and exclusive partner sites including BroBible, UPROXX, NiceKicks, and Barstool Sports, among others.

The Woven-IRIS.TV partnership is programmatically delivering content to engage individuals, something that has only been done in advertising. It’s through this programmatic content that IRIS.TV has increased content consumption by 45%, as well as increased the total video views generated.

Using IRIS.TV’s adaptive technology, Woven is able to deliver highly personalized, engaging videos to end users across all of its destinations based upon relevance and user behavior. When IRIS.TV runs recommendations, instead of just using the inventory library of one site, the entire Woven library across all sites is utilized to create better personalization and engagement. That means content posted on UPROXX can be made available and recommended to users across all other sites in the network, even though the user may not be directly on UPROXX.

By allowing Woven to share content within sites, there is a clear understanding of who the audience is—18 to 25 year old males. The end result is a more personalized and seamless user experience, compared to other companies who syndicate their content across the entire internet and don’t know exactly who is viewing their content.

“Woven is the dominant force in male focused digital news and content,” says IRIS.TV CEO Field Garthwaite.“With IRIS.TV running on the Woven owned and operated destinations and exclusive partner sites, users will now enjoy a personalized viewing experience that simultaneously increases total ad load and relevance for Woven.”

“By leveraging IRIS.TV’s technology, we can provide Woven audiences more content that personally interests them, while also increasing viewership for our publishers,” said Alex Boyce, Chief Strategy Officer at Woven Digital. “At the same time, by programmatically delivering content to individuals, we can grow our volume and monetize our inventory more effectively.”

With the average American attention span coming in at eight seconds, it’s more challenging than ever to keep any audience engaged. And with Woven’s demographic being the most attention-fragmented of them all, there is an added need to make sure the audience is viewing the content that interests them the most. It’s through IRIS.TV’s deliverance of programmatic content that this is being done in record fashion.


IRIS.TV Inc is a video recommendation engine that allows video publishers and content owners to generate more video views in a continuous playback experience. The software is designed to increase revenue and simplify operations for web and mobile video distribution, matching content based on audience preferences and user interactions. The company’s core product Adaptive Stream(TM) delivers relevant content in a television-like experience, personalized to each viewer’s interests. For more information, please visit www.iris.tv and follow us on Twitter @iris_TV.

About Woven

Woven, the voice of the Connected Male, is home to the largest and most relevant male focused online news, entertainment, and lifestyle destinations. Reaching more than 85 million highly engaged users per month, Woven is dedicated to producing, creating and curating premium programming for the coveted and influential young male consumer and develops compelling branded content for the world’s largest advertisers. Founded in 2010, Woven is headquartered in Los Angeles with offices and production facilities in New York and Chicago.


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