Radio ITVT Podcast: Discussing AI in Media with IRIS.TV CEO Field Garthwaite


In this recent podcast, IRIS.TV CEO Field Garthwaite discusses how media companies should be thinking about AI as a tool to better understand their audience behavior and ultimately increase the ROI of their video assets.

  • With AI, publishers can gain real-time, actionable insights into what video content is resonating (and what isn't) and then develop repeatable methodologies to do more of what's working well
  • IRIS.TV publishers and broadcasters are benefiting from utilizing social platforms as an entry point to engage users and then drive them back to owned and operated sites for the full content
  • The key to driving revenue is building a loyal audience and AI can help media companies remain competitive, by reframing how they use platforms like YouTube and take back control of their unique content

Interested in learning more about how AI and data can help build a loyal audience on your owned and operated sites? Check out the AI infographic below: