Introducing the IRIS-enabled™ Contextual CTV Deal Library

We’re excited to announce the launch of our contextual CTV deal library, where advertisers can select from nearly a hundred curated video-level contextual PMPs and target millions of viewers watching relevant and brand-suitable shows and movies across thousands of premium apps and FAST channels. 

As reported in AdAge, video-level contextual targeting is especially effective in CTV as it draws 4X more viewer attention than ads targeted using demographic and publisher-declared metadata. 

While IRIS.TV has always enabled cookieless and privacy-by-design video-level contextual targeting for CTV; advertisers can now select a deal and request a Deal ID for easy activation.

IRIS-enabled Contextual Deal Library Blog

About our Private Marketplace Deals

IAB Contextual

Choose from over 40 IAB contextual categories to target viewers watching relevant shows and movies such as sports, news, entertainment, and more.

GARM Brand Safety 

Advertisers can ditch blocklists and achieve brand safety at scale with deals that excludes content categorized according to the GARM Band Safety Floor and Suitability Framework.

Emotional Resonance

54% of viewers are less interested in products when ads are served adjacent to emotionally misaligned content. When ads are emotionally aligned with content, brands have seen 2-3X more conversions.

With over 25 segments, including Anticipation, Joy, and Delight, marketers can align the right creative with the right content to drive positive attention.

Audience Lookalikes

Audience lookalikes typically rely on historical data. In CTV, in-market viewers reject products appearing in misaligned ads, meaning that advertisers can target the right people in the wrong way, resulting in lower brand perception and product interest.

With our audience lookalike deals, you can extend your prospecting to relevant consumers watching the content they love in real-time.

Seasonal and Custom 

Get ready for holidays and tentpoles with seasonal segments. Marketers can also leverage our custom deals to target with nuance, such as targeting content that is more appropriate for ads featuring alcohol products.

These deals are made possible through our IRIS-enabled™ ecosystem of supply, data, and ad platform partners. Advertisers can finally move past incomplete content signals like app, genre, and channel and target viewers with unparalleled precision and accuracy with contextual segments created using AI.

Visit our IRIS-enabled™ Contextual PMP page and explore our deal library to learn more.