November 2021: Top Contextual Video Segments

Explore top contextual segments for November and download our free guide to learn more about video-level context for CTV and online video.  

By processing billions of video ad requests, we've broken down the biggest video-level contextual categories.

Powered by normalized, video-level data from premium publishers, every IRIS-enabled™ video is verified by your data partner of choice. With contextual relevance and transparency that goes beyond app, channel, genre, or page-level descriptions, you can target at the video level across CTV and online video for the first time ever. 


Top Segments December 2021

Top categories for the month of November include: Sports, Medical Health, Food & Drink, Automotive, and Arts & Entertainment. Download our free guide to see the top segments within each category and get insights to build a smart contextual targeting strategy. 


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Every IRIS-enabled™ video is verified by your data provider of choice.

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