Wurl and IRIS.TV Partner to make BrandDiscovery’s Emotional Data Available for Programmatic Activation via the IRIS_ID

Wurl recently announced BrandDiscovery, a GenAI-based CTV advertising solution that enables advertisers to align their ads with content in real-time.  The announcement bolsters the momentum behind contextual targeting for CTV and provides powerful proof points for the effectiveness of targeting based on emotional context.  

If you want to give it a try, IRIS.TV has partnered with Wurl to bring BrandDiscovery’s emotional targeting via our newly announced product offering: IRIS-enabled™ PMPs. Through IRIS.TV’s partnership with Wurl’s BrandDiscovery, buyers can access emotions-based Deal IDs to deliver CTV ads within our expansive set of IRIS-enabled live news and sports content and VOD streaming inventory, including the likes of Vizio, LG, Xumo, and thousands of FAST channels.

With Wurl’s emotional targeting capabilities and data insights and using IRIS-enabled™ PMPs, advertisers target their campaigns based on the emotional resonance of the content audiences are watching, which has been proven to increase attention and overall campaign performance.

Wurl also released a case study with MediaMonks that showcased how emotion-based targeting in CTV outperformed all key metrics – performing more than 7X better for aided brand awareness, 4X better for brand favorability, and 2X better for purchase intent than comparable industry benchmarks.

As referenced in an article by Bevin Fletcher in StreamTV Insider, Wurl and IRIS.TV have “taken recent steps to advance the potential of contextual advertising on CTV for ad sellers and buyers.”  This innovation comes as streaming viewership on smart TVs continues to have the most significant impact on brand affinity metrics, due to the longer session time people spend watching TV. Research by Google, Nielsen, and the ARF shows that CTV has higher brand awareness and purchase intent than other streaming platforms. Additionally, consumer research by the AVCA revealed that streaming TV viewers are 4X more likely to watch ads that are emotionally aligned with a program's tone and story, lifting campaign effectiveness dramatically.

The partnership with IRIS.TV also makes BrandDiscovery data widely available to buyers and sellers for programmatic campaign targeting.  The data is available via all of the current IRIS-enabled™ ad platform partners, including Microsoft Advertising’s Xandr, Magnite, PubMatic, Beachfront, IndexExchange, Publica, Kargo, Equativ, and more. 

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