Case Study: Carl’s Jr. and PMG Drive in Superior Lift for Visits, Sales, and ROAS.

Digital advertising common sense states that "more user data is better." But when it comes to CTV, it’s not that simple - it’s hard to target the right people, and inventory is fragmented across apps and services.  

CKE CMO Jennifer Tate knew that their customers were shifting to CTV and that the medium offered an opportunity to focus on specific regions and to track sales outcomes.   

Tate enlisted Mike Treon and PMG to overhaul their CTV strategy, which provided an opportunity to compare traditional approaches to CTV targeting (including first-party data) with buys through IRIS-enabled PMPs, targeting contextual video segments created by IRIS.TV's data partners including Captify, GumGum,, Pixability, and Silverpush.  

Data collected and analyzed by PMG shows that contextual video advertising drove the strongest bottom-of-funnel results because it reaches the right people with the right mindset. You can read the full case study here

PMG used IRIS-enabled PMPs to buy contextual video ads across CTV streaming services at scale. The goal was to drive in-store visits and sales, and IRIS-enabled PMPs drove:

  1. 35% lift in in-store visits, outperforming all other targeting tactics (including first-party data) by 21%.
  2. 152% incremental sales lift.
  3. 2.2X return-on-ad-spend

Take a look at the case study to get an in-depth look at the challenges of CTV and how IRIS.TV drives sales by helping advertisers reach the right people in the right mindset. If you’re ready to hear more, contact us here to request a demo.