Adding Fuel to the Fire - What CTV Needs To Power Continued Growth

The following is an excerpt from CEO & Co-founder Field Garthwaite's column in Forbes Technology Council. Read full article in Forbes.

"Given the challenges in the current environment, the continued growth of CTV will be contingent on advertisers' adoption of new targeting techniques — specifically those that are privacy-first, cookieless and ensure brand safety and brand suitability. The recent announcement of The Trade Desk and LiveRamp allowing publishers to access Unified ID 2.0 and buyers to transact using LiveRamp's IdentityLink ID across numerous environments is a step in the right direction. However, in today's frenetic, partisan entertainment landscape, brands are also hypersensitive to the need to avoid associating with unsafe content; running advertisements next to content promoting violence or hate speech could be disastrous.

Often, brands "blocklist," writing off a specific politically charged phrase or piece of content, playing it ultra-safe to avoid being associated with brand-unsafe material. However, this also quickly leads to missed opportunities. A brand that aims to avoid any association with the current protest movement misses out on the opportunity to be placed next to brand-safe content promoting social justice and voter registration — or even to be in the proximity of any news at all. The key to threading this needle is a sophisticated approach to targeting that is able to parse the difference between safe and unsafe content, sometimes even using the same keyword..."

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