IRIS.TV and Origin Partner to Bring Contextual Targeting to Native CTV

IRIS.TV and Origin are partnering to bring the power of contextual targeting to CTV advertising. Origin’s first-to-market native content solutions combined with our contextual data solutions enable advertisers to reach and engage viewers in the right setting. In this video, VP of Publisher Partnerships Lauren Gabriele talks with Origin CEO and co-founder Fred Godfrey about how our joint solutions are making advertising better for marketers, publishers, and consumers.


Lauren Gabriele, VP Publisher Partnerships, IRIS.TV

Today, we have Fred Godfrey, CEO and co-founder of Origin and we are so excited to announce that today, IRIS.TV and Origin have officially partnered and would love to have Freddie tell us a little bit about what Origin's up to.

Fred Godfrey, CEO and co-founder of Origin

Yeah, all right. Yes, so, Origin is a pioneering media and technology company that elevates the impact and outcome of ad campaigns across Connected TV, by enabling brands to run their ads, not just against other ads in ad breaks, but actually directly adjacent to very short form and highly engaging, contextually relevant pieces of native content.

LG: Well, that certainly aligns with what IRIS.TV is out in the market talking about, and I think, really, this idea that content is the most important and valuable resource that the publishers have and that the advertisers can work off. We'd love to hear a bit about why you think the relationship with IRIS.TV is important.

I mean, this is a great one and it made forming a partnership so natural. We both have the same mission, right? Which is using the power of contextual relevance to improve the chances that your brands are successful. We get to help them double down by making sure that not only are they in that right piece of long-form content but that even within the ad break itself, they're also running against something contextually relevant, versus even a competitor's app.

Fantastic. I think that really delves into what the value is that Origin is bringing into the advertising community. Obviously, everybody is looking to find the best way to engage with their audience and to drive the most engagement, and I think that this really gets us to that point.

I think it's really a double whammy for any brands that do choose to leverage this, right? They're not just getting the power of what you're able to do, but we've already proven over the last two years that we can run a native CTV campaign in any environment, contextually relevant or not, and it still elevates awareness, consideration, and outcomes for brands. And so, for us to be able to, you know, to see brands use what we do within a contextually relevant environment as well. I mean, I think it's gonna be a home run.

I think that you really just kind of led us into this question, but obviously for me, focused really on our partnerships, I want to make sure that everybody understands that you really are sitting on both sides of the coin, that you're working with both the brands and agencies and the advertisers themselves, as well as the publishers since you really sit in that tech space.

It was never a part of the original intention of what we were building at Origin, but because our content is so unique and so engaging and so entertaining, and because of the technology that underpins it, we can drop this native content into an ad break in a very strategic position directly ahead of or adjacent to a brand's ad. We actually create these really good experiences. You know, I mean, at the end of the day, we're upping the ante. Ads have looked the same for seven decades, And why is that? It doesn't have to be the case. As I said, with all of the tech that underpins streaming TV, why not do something better with the ad break?

About Origin
Origin is a pioneering media and technology company whose first to market creative advertising formats are reshaping the way brands engage and activate consumers in the living room.

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