Kargo Partners With IRIS.TV to enable Video-level Data For CTV and Video

Kargo is expanding CTV and video with a partnership with IRIS.TV to enrich its CTV and video offering with new contextual signals. Kargo will leverage universal content identifier, the IRIS_ID, into its expanding CTV and video suite of solutions built to deliver better brand outcomes via transparent targeting and creative enhancements. 

Kargo’s advertisers can access data to reach relevant viewers in video and streaming environments. IRIS.TV’s growing data partner ecosystem includes Captify, GumGum, 4D, Kerv, IAS, Oracle Advertising, Pixability, Reticle, Silverpush, Sightly, and Sounder.  

CTV is emerging as a critical channel for advertisers looking to reach their preferred audiences. Recently, Nielsen reported that streaming audiences reached nearly 39% of total TV in the US, while linear TV viewership fell to an all-time low of below 50%.

Paired with Kargo’s unique ad formats, the partnership delivers something new to the market. Video-level contextual signals help brands craft high-performing campaigns that are also brand-suitable. 

Advertisers who work with Kargo for CTV get access to:

  • Video-level data on CTV for contextual targeting on IRIS-enabled™ supply partners
  • Unique creative formats that drive up to 10X lift in ad recall & 4X lift in brand favorability as measured by Upwave
  • Differentiated viewer experiences in relevant contextual environments