Product Update: Oracle Advertising’s Video-level Contextual Intelligence and Brand Suitability Segments Available for Pre-bid Targeting

We’re excited to announce that CTV buyers can access Oracle Advertising’s video-level contextual and brand-suitability data for pre-bid targeting on The Trade Desk.

This solution is a crucial step in helping advertisers effectively use enriched video-level content signals to reach their desired audiences and ensure their ads run alongside relevant programming. By tapping into video-level contextual data from IRIS-enabled™ supply partners, advertisers can reach the right viewers at the right moment.

Contextual Targeting

Advertisers can leverage contextual intelligence to reach consumers in watching relevant content.

Endemic Segments

A sports league can own category share-of-voice during the season and in the off-season by targeting all sports content.

Oracle Endemic

Non-endemic Segments

A recreational automaker can target content that aligns with the values it shares with its customers.

Oracle Nonendemic 2

Brand Suitability

With Oracle Contextual Intelligence, advertisers can reach relevant viewers and ensure campaigns are in relevant and brand-suitable content according to the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) Brand Suitability Framework.

How it Works

The leading CTV publishers, streaming apps, and platforms integrate with IRIS.TV and utilize universal content identifier, the IRIS_ID, to securely provide advertisers with enriched video-level data in a privacy-focused manner. Oracle Advertising leverages the IRIS_ID to access videos from IRIS-enabled™ supply partners and analyze them using its proprietary contextual intelligence to create standard and custom brand safety and brand suitability segments.

Example of IRIS-enabled video OCI
An example of IRIS-enabled™ video using Oracle Contextual Intelligence

These segments are then made available through The Trade Desk for all agencies and traders. By simplifying the supply chain, advertisers gain a clearer picture of content adjacency and can target with greater precision.


How it Works Oracle TTD


Implementation of the IRIS_ID by both The Trade Desk and Oracle Advertising enables targeting of videos that IRIS.TV has been sent to Oracle, which they categorize and store against the IRIS_ID.

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