Logiq Partners with IRIS.TV to Provide Video-Level Data to E-Commerce Marketers

Partnership Provides Video-Level Data to E-Commerce Marketers and Improve Video Campaign Performance

New York, NY – September 8, 2021 Logiq, Inc. (NEO: LGIQ) (OTCQX: LGIQ), a global provider of award-winning e-commerce and fintech solutions, has partnered with IRIS.TV, the leading video data platform, to utilize IRIS_ID, a unique global identifier assigned to individual videos, to provide  greater transparency and performance in streaming video for e-commerce marketers.  

This partnership enables contextual and brand-safe connected-TV (or “CTV”) targeting for e-commerce marketing programs, as CTV continues to be one of the fastest-growing advertising platforms. Connected TV refers to premium content streaming through apps, either on a smart TV or through an over-the-top device. 

eMarketer reported in a recent CTV programmatic advertising update that incremental spending on programmatic CTV video ads in 2021 will increase to $2.37 billion. That $2.37 billion will represent almost 29% of all incremental spending on programmatic video ads this year and about 15% of growth in total programmatic display. Additionally, in the IAB’s “2021 Marketplace Outlook Survey Results,” a poll of digital video buyers, showed an average shift of 21% of ad budgets from linear TV to digital video. 

IRIS_ID will enable video-level contextual and brand-safety targeting for pre-bid media buying via the Logiq Digital Marketing platform. Leveraging IRIS_ID, Logiq customers will have real-time access to video-level data verified by their preferred data providers from top publishers across all distribution platforms, from Apple TV to Samsung TV. 

“The partnership with Logiq marks another step forward for our growing ecosystem of leading ad platform partners,” said Field Garthwaite, CEO and Co-founder, IRIS.TV. “Logiq’s inclusion in the IRIS-enabled™ ecosystem is a proof point of how critical video-level transparency is to all advertisers to grow their brand.” 

With access to IRIS-enabled™ video-level data via the IRIS_ID, small-to-mid-sized brands and agencies can evaluate and optimize video campaign performance across content genres and screens. Through a singular sign-in and dashboard experience, Logiq Digital Marketing clients will be able to leverage the IRIS_ID in their e-commerce marketing execution, and apply context and brand-safety signals in their pre-bid media buying strategies.

“We have made significant investments into the Logiq Digital Marketing platform’s ability to efficiently and economically help brands advertise on valuable streaming video and connected TV content,” said Manny Puentes, president, Logiq Digital Marketing. “The partnership with IRIS.TV provides more visibility and access for marketers that did not have the budget and opportunity to leverage these opportunities prior.” 

The new capabilities are effective now and Logiq’s clients are currently onboarding them into their upcoming marketing campaigns. For more information or speak with a Logiq representative, please contact us here


About Logiq 

Logiq, Inc. is a U.S.-based leading global provider of e-commerce and fintech business enablement solutions. Its DataLogiq business provides a data-driven, end-to-end e-commerce marketing solution. Its AI-powered LogiqX™ data engine delivers valuable consumer insights that enhance the ROI of online marketing spend. The company’s Fixel technology offers simplified online marketing with critical privacy features. 

In its AppLogiq business, Logiq’s platform-as-a-service, branded as CreateAPP™, enables small- and medium-sized businesses worldwide to easily create and deploy a native mobile app for their business without technical knowledge or background. CreateAPP™ empowers businesses to reach more customers, increase sales, manage logistics, and promote their products and services in an easy, affordable, and highly efficient way. CreateAPP™ is offered in 14 languages across 10 countries and three continents, including some of the fastest-growing emerging markets in Southeast Asia. The company’s PayLogiq, branded as AtozPay™ in Indonesia, offers mobile payments, and GoLogiq, branded as AtozGo™ in Indonesia, offers hyper-local food delivery services. Connect with Logiq: Website | LinkedIn | Twitter| Facebook. 


About IRIS.TV 

IRIS.TV is engineering the most open video data ecosystem in the world to power meaningful connections between brands and consumers. Our video data platform provides publishers, media brands and connected tv apps with secure onboarding and activation of their video data and marketers with video-level transparency. Since 2013, we’ve enabled our partners to build scalable solutions on top of our platform including video-level contextual and brand-safe ad targeting, third-party verification, personalized video recommendations, and measurement & analytics solutions. For more information, visit www.iris.tv