White Paper: The IRIS_ID - Making CTV More Transparent for Buyers and Sellers

The advertising ecosystem is going through a period of unprecedented growth and rapid innovation. With the decline in linear television viewing, the rise of connected TV (CTV) viewing, and the looming privacy regulations around user data, many in the industry are seeking alternative ways to reach consumers. While there are many initiatives across the industry to address these challenges, key among them is the ability to target ads that are aligned to the video content a consumer is watching.

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This requires a standard for identifying individual pieces of content, transmitting that in a bid request, and enabling lookup or classification of that piece of content’s metadata.

To answer this question, we created a persistent unique video identifier called the IRIS_ID.  Every video that is ingested into our platform is assigned an IRIS_ID. This content identifier is then passed into the bid stream on every ad opportunity so that it is possible for buyers and sellers to identify which video an advertisement is about to play adjacent to. The IRIS_ID can then be decoded by data partners to help understand what the video content actually is.

In this white paper, written in collaboration with Alan Wolk and TV Rev, we dive deeper into the challenges marketers and publishers face in shifting linear TV investment into CTV and streaming and further explain what the IRIS_ID is, how it works, and its applications for planning, targeting, verification, and measurement.