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Q4 '22 Seasonal and Top Segments - November

Explore our Q4 seasonal and top contextual segments for November for CTV and online video.   By processing billions of video ad requests, we've broken down the biggest video-level contextual categories. Powered by normalized, video-level data from.
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The Marketer's Guide to Contextual Video

For marketers, contextual targeting is a critical post-cookies solution. But when it comes to delivering relevant ads in a changing advertising landscape, discussions of this method are often limited to text-based contextual signals, meaning that.
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White Paper: The IRIS_ID - Making CTV More Transparent for Buyers and Sellers

The advertising ecosystem is going through a period of unprecedented growth and rapid innovation. With the decline in linear television viewing, the rise of connected TV (CTV) viewing, and the looming privacy regulations around user data, many in.
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CTV Unleashed: Why Marketers are Embracing Context...Again

The impact of COVID-19 and quarantine has accelerated the surge in connected TV (CTV) viewership. When it comes to reaching consumers on a one-to-one level, marketers are already dealing with the headwinds related to privacy regulations, the death.
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IAB UK: Harnessing the Power of Context

Contextual targeting has always been a core part of the marketing strategy, but advancements in technology and a shift towards privacy-focused solutions - hastened by the end of third-party cookies - means that the benefits of contextual targeting.
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