IRIS.TV Partners with EIDR to Unify Data for Simplified Sell-Side Workflows

The agreement will allow premium content owners to more cohesively leverage and monetize their content libraries

Los Angeles -- February 24, 2022 -- IRIS.TV, the leading video data platform, today announced a partnership with the Entertainment Identifier Registry Association (EIDR), a not-for-profit industry association that provides universal identifiers for television and film assets. The agreement will bring together video-level data from IRIS.TV and essential metadata from EIDR to deliver a comprehensive data solution across distribution channels for content owners and other sell-side users. The partnership will help to increase the value of participants’ content by now also providing easy access to video-level data, which facilitates contextual and brand-safe targeting—typically used for advertising-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) and free-ad-supported-streaming-TV (FAST) —in concert with existing content management and tracking capabilities often used for subscription and transaction-based video-on-demand (SVOD and TVOD).

Established in 2010, EIDR provides an industry-standard universal registry that identifies media asset types and relationships between assets across the increasing number of video distribution channels. The industry association is committed to providing this essential service to all industry participants at a minimal cost. With the addition of video-level data from IRIS.TV, EIDR will enable simplified workflows for the industry’s leading content providers by identifying content with both the IRIS_ID and the EIDR ID at the same time. As a result, IRIS.TV’s video-level data will now be easily accessible and available to all participants, providing better visibility and transparency into the content and more monetization options.

“Our goal is to deliver better business outcomes and consumer experiences using video-level data across all channels and devices, and this new partnership with EIDR allows us to extend our solutions to a new audience of premium content providers,” said Field Garthwaite, CEO, IRIS.TV. “Through this agreement, we are helping content providers manage and monetize their content more efficiently while providing them with the tools and a simplified workflow to execute that more effectively, safely, and responsibly.”

“The goal of EIDR is to enable sharing of asset identification and essential metadata to content providers, as they seek to increase returns across a more complex distribution landscape,” said Hollie Choi at EIDR. “We are excited to welcome IRIS.TV into the EIDR community and look forward to their contributions to the industry at large.” 

IRIS.TV unites video data from across the connected TV and video marketplace into a single ecosystem, bringing publishers, contextual data partners, agencies, and advertisers together through a platform that allows video content to be analyzed and categorized into industry-accepted brand-safe and brand-suitable audience segments.

About EIDR
The EIDR organization is a not-for-profit industry association managing universal identifiers for a broad array of television and film assets. EIDR maintains management and technical support personnel in Europe and North America. For more information, please visit

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