The Future of TV is Audience Plus Content

While the recent announcement by Google to delay the deprecation of 3rd-party cookies may provide temporary relief to some, the tide has turned and there’s no going back. Consumers expect a privacy-first and relevant relationship with their media, technology, and the products they buy.

Relevance is the new primetime. Recent innovations in cookie-less solutions including video-level contextual targeting are not stopgaps or loopholes to user-centric targeting, but effective tools that are already helping brands be “first-to-relevance” in their relationship with consumers.

COO Richie Hyden talks with The Trade Desk about how marketers are utilizing audience + context to drive value in connected tv, a cookie-less medium where the future of TV is quickly becoming the present.

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Video: Targeting in CTV: The New Data Paradigm

Fewer ads. More relevance. A better viewer experience. Improved call-to-action and transparency. This is the potential of effectively using data to better target streaming TV viewers. What’s unique about connected TV audience targeting, especially in the context of the changing identity management and privacy landscape, how is streaming changing the marketing funnel and how can CTV’s full potential be realized?