Product Update: IRIS Vision™ - Initial Asset Leaderboard

What is it?

Initial Asset Leaderboard is an IRIS Vision™ dashboard that provides insights on the performance of the initial video view in a stream and its impact on engagement.

Why is it important?

The initial video in a stream is activated by autoplay or click to play. How users respond to the first video has the greatest impact on whether they will engage further. Longer engagement translates to increased revenue. 

On average nearly 80% of viewers tend to bounce before the end of the initial video. That means all the video views produced by the recommendation engine is fed by only 20% of the video starts. 

Knowing which videos are the best entry-point for longer engagement is valuable at optimizing for the greatest yield.  More pre-rolls per click results in higher RPM.

How to use it?

Editorial Teams

In some cases such as breaking news, you have no choice to play the video that covers a particular event covered by the article. If you publish a second video below the fold or in cases where there is no video to accompany an article, this dashboard gives the editorial team greater insight into what video to choose for both relevance and downstream engagement. 

Marketing Teams

When looking for content to promote via newsletters, social, or notifications, you can use Initial Asset Leaderboard to drive users to the videos and pages that will get them to keep watching.

Audience Acquisition

Optimize entry-points for based on what will maximize revenue when conducting organic and paid audience acquisition campaigns from platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Outbrain and Taboola.

Ad Sales/Ad Ops

With increased exposure to which editorial content generates the most inventory opportunities, revenue teams have a greater ability to predict inventory and forecast revenue. 

To learn more about how to use Initial Asset Leaderboard, contact your Programming Strategist. If you are not an IRIS.TV client and would like to learn how to increase audience engagement and revenue, please contact us for a demo.